2012 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT

15 06 2013

The Ford F-150 Raptor SVT is an impressive vehicle as it is, however we were able to enhance it’s looks and functionality with a custom installed Yakima Control Tower™ rack on the RetraxTM bed cover. The Control Towers™ are are one of the easiest racks to use; once installed they have a quick release feature, which allows instant removal of the bars. When the bars are removed, covers can be placed over the bases making it look clean and sleek when not in use. The round bars which come with the system are very versatile, and can accommodate most accessories . The weight capacity of landing pads are 100 lbs. If this isn’t enough for you, you can always install tracks, which boost the weight capacity up to 165 lbs.

Raptor blog 3

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New to Rack Attack, Kuat has struck fear into competitors with flashy products, which back themselves up with durability and a limited lifetime warranty. Mounted on the Yakima bars is the Kuat Vagabond X™ basket, which provides ample space for gear and a user friendly mounting system to get on the road in no time! The Vagabond X™ also features bike mounts, an integrated cable lock for your gear or bikes, and real copper decals on the front and side of the basket. The basket has a 160 lbs weight limit, but on this application it is restricted to 100 lbs. Also, each integrated bike carrier has a 50 lbs capacity.

Raptor blog 1

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This Raptor is now prepared to take bikes and gear anywhere it has to go. Check back soon for new and exciting rack applications at Rack Attack Mississauga.

Yakima FatCat 4 (#3087) and 6 (#3088)

2 11 2012

Yakima’s new FatCat ski and snowboard carrier is among the best winter racks available. The FatCat is easily the most aerodynamic rack of its kind on the market.  Now with a premium mirror black finish, the new look Fat Cat is the most aesthetically pleasing snow rack we offer.

A new feature of the FatCat and perhaps most important, is the redesigned mounting system.  Made with the customer in mind, this new system makes mounting the FatCat  to your roof rack easier than ever.  The new FatCat fits all Yakima bars, including Whispbar, as well as all Thule Bars (including Thule’s Rapid Aeroblades)  and most factory crossbars.

The FatCat  has some other features including an integrated ski lift which allows you to raise the rack from your bars by up to 3 inches giving extra room for binding clearance from the roof of your car. Plus,  the FatCat has an extra large release button making it a breeze to get your skis and boards off your rack with gloves on.   Yakima has also  incorporated a unique hinge system which creates space for thicker skis and snowboards. 

The FatCat comes standard with Yakima’s SKS Locks included, giving you peace of mind knowing  your equipment is locked on your car.  This feature comes in handy for long ski trips, food breaks and when buying your lift tickets.

For further inquiries see:   Rack Attack FatCat 6 or Rack Attack FatCat 4

Thule Tram – Ski and Snowboard Hitch Carrier

11 10 2012

Thule Tram


The Tram is Thule’s new 2012 Ski and Snowboard carrier. Its sleek looking design is the perfect accessory to a hitch bike carrier.  The Tram allows you to carry up to 6 pairs of ski’s and up to 4 pairs of snowboards.

The Tram also includes a locking system which allows you to lock your equipment safely to your rack. The Tram is extremely easy to install and very quick to load. It is the most user friendly ski and snowboard hitch carrier offered.

9033 – Thule Tram with locks: $299.99 retail price


2011 Mini Countryman S – Roof Rack

22 08 2012

ImageImageImageImageThis brand new Mini Cooper Countryman S with burnt orange accents has been geared up with Thule’s 460R Podium roof rack system.  This system includes Thule 460R towers, 4020 Fit Kit, ARB47 Aeroblade Bars & 4-pack Thule Locks.

 Included in this set are Thule’s prestigious Aeroblade crossbars. These premium, aerodynamic load bars provide an exceptionally quiet ride and superior carrying performance. Next to being the strongest most rigid bars available, they’re also the most aesthetically pleasing. These bars are also made of lightweight aluminium and are extremely easy to install while also being very versatile with all of Thule’s accessories.

The customer that owns the car wanted to mount two kayaks onto his vehicle but had no idea what the best option was. As you can see in the photos, the Hull-a-Port Pro was the ideal option.

The Hull-a-Port Pro is the premium J-style vertical carrier combining maximum strength and protection with added convenience by folding down while not in use. This proves useful to fit into those difficult parking garages while also being kind the environment by increasing fuel economy. Next to the two cradles, the Hull-a-Port Pro utilizes 4 straps, two clasping to the main body and 2 securing the bow and stern of the boat. Make sure you always tie these down! It accommodates most kayaks, including widths up to 36” wide, and 75 lbs.

Call us for more information as our rack experts are always near a phone. If you want to see more of what we do, give us a call at 905 828 7225, stop by our store, or check out our Facebook page!


2012 Passat TDI Roof Rack

15 05 2012

This new 2012 VW Passat TDI is equipped with the Thule 480R rapid traverse roof rack system.  This includes the 480r Towers, ARB53 Aeroblade Bars; Fit Kit 1669 & 4 Pack locks.  Once you have the base rack system, then you can pick your attachments you wish to carry, anything from Kayaks, Cargo Box, Skis, Bikes

This customer wanted to carry bikes so we installed 2 of the Thule 518 Echelon’s.  This is Thule’s premium fork mounted bike carry & since it will be mounts on the Thule Aeroblade bar it requires the Xadapt 9 kit.

Also be sure to check out our blog on the Thule Aeroblade.

Call us for more information, as one of our rack experts will be happy to help you choose the best fit for you.  If you would like to see more pictures of our work, give us a call at 905-828-7225, come into our store, or check out our Facebook Page!

Why drag through the wind when you can cut right through it? Introducing Thule’s new AeroBlade crossbar!

2 01 2012

In the fall of 2011 Thule released a revolutionary new crossbar to replace their previous generation ‘Rapid Aero’ bar.  This new high-end Thule crossbar, called the ‘AeroBlade’, offers the all the same benefits of the Rapid Aero bar including some innovative technological advances that make it cut through the air like a samurai sword!

The most striking difference with the AeroBlade crossbar is its updated airfoil shape. This newly designed cross-section profile is reminiscent of an airplane wing and offers a much more streamlined aerodynamic performance. Thule’s WindDiffuserTM technology trips the airflow as it passes around the bar to significantly reduce wind noise compared to a smooth surface. A primary concern amongst rack users today is noise produced by crossbars mounted to the roof of a vehicle. According to Thule’s R&D testing facilities, the AeroBlade produces 90% less sound energy and up to 55% less drag force compared to the previous crossbar model. This makes the Aero Blade arguably the quietest roof rack on the market.

The AeroBlade significantly reduces wind noise and drag!


At the same time, the reduction in drag force that these bars produce efficiently reduces fuel consumption. How much fuel would you save exactly? Consider that in about one year of driving with the AeroBlade crossbars, one would save the equivalent of the upgrade cost from the basic Thule square bar (that’s over $115). Their efficient performance makes the new Aero Blade bars much more environmentally friendly, and friendlier on your wallet in the long term.


As previously mentioned, the new AeroBlade includes the same great features of the Rapid Aero bar like the integrated T – slot channel for easy mounting of accessories. Also like the previous generation crossbar, the AeroBlade is made of a solid, lightweight aluminium material that fully prevents rust. This means your rack will look like new even after years of consistent use.

AeroBlade load bars looking sleek and sporty




Though the AeroBlade is quiet and sleek, it also boasts one of the strongest constructions available. Thule’s new BoxBeamTM extruded aluminium profile is structurally engineered to support over 800lbf of downward force.

Sleek AeroBlade crossbars supporting a beautiful Thule Boxter cargo box




Thule’s new AeroBlade is a premium quality load bar that is strong, silent, weather-resistant, aerodynamic, fuel efficient, and stylish. These sleek and versatile crossbars are designed to be compatible with almost all rack accessories, including bike, ski, snowboard, canoe, kayak, and cargo carriers.




Come visit one of Rack Attack’s many locations to see the new AeroBlade on display today! Rack Attack’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with any of your rack needs.

2012 Acura RDX

26 12 2011

Here are a few pictures of the new 2012 Acura RDX with the Atlantis 1600 utilizing the factory rack that came with the vehicle.  The Atlantis 1600 will hold up to 178cm skis and it good for smaller vehicles to allow the rear hatch to open up all the way.  Thule’s Atlantis Cargo Boxes will all open from both sides for access regardless of where or how your parked and with their reinforced lids, opening and closing is fluid and easy.  Plus when closed, the reinforced lid minimizes rattling, cutting down on wind noise while driving.  The Thule Atlantis series comes in 4 sizes 1200, 1600, 1800 & 2100.


Check out this video to learn more about the Atlantis cargo boxes:

Call us for more information, as one of our rack experts will be happy to help you choose the best fit for you.  If you would like to see more pictures of our work, give us a call at 905-828-7225, come into our store, or check out our Facebook Page!


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