2012 Acura RDX

26 12 2011

Here are a few pictures of the new 2012 Acura RDX with the Atlantis 1600 utilizing the factory rack that came with the vehicle.  The Atlantis 1600 will hold up to 178cm skis and it good for smaller vehicles to allow the rear hatch to open up all the way.  Thule’s Atlantis Cargo Boxes will all open from both sides for access regardless of where or how your parked and with their reinforced lids, opening and closing is fluid and easy.  Plus when closed, the reinforced lid minimizes rattling, cutting down on wind noise while driving.  The Thule Atlantis series comes in 4 sizes 1200, 1600, 1800 & 2100.


Check out this video to learn more about the Atlantis cargo boxes:

Call us for more information, as one of our rack experts will be happy to help you choose the best fit for you.  If you would like to see more pictures of our work, give us a call at 905-828-7225, come into our store, or check out our Facebook Page!

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2 responses

21 06 2012

Can I fit a bigger box (1800 or 2100) on the 1st geeration rdx (2007-2012)?

21 06 2012
Rack Attack Mississauga

Hey Francois,

Yep! You can squeeze just about any size on the 1st Gen. RDX. The nice part about Thule’s boxes is that the QuickGrip™ mounting claw slides on tracks inside the box, so it can conform to most factory bar spreads and then be moved either back or forwards for hatch clearance.


Rack Attack Mississauga

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