Why drag through the wind when you can cut right through it? Introducing Thule’s new AeroBlade crossbar!

2 01 2012

In the fall of 2011 Thule released a revolutionary new crossbar to replace their previous generation ‘Rapid Aero’ bar.  This new high-end Thule crossbar, called the ‘AeroBlade’, offers the all the same benefits of the Rapid Aero bar including some innovative technological advances that make it cut through the air like a samurai sword!

The most striking difference with the AeroBlade crossbar is its updated airfoil shape. This newly designed cross-section profile is reminiscent of an airplane wing and offers a much more streamlined aerodynamic performance. Thule’s WindDiffuserTM technology trips the airflow as it passes around the bar to significantly reduce wind noise compared to a smooth surface. A primary concern amongst rack users today is noise produced by crossbars mounted to the roof of a vehicle. According to Thule’s R&D testing facilities, the AeroBlade produces 90% less sound energy and up to 55% less drag force compared to the previous crossbar model. This makes the Aero Blade arguably the quietest roof rack on the market.

The AeroBlade significantly reduces wind noise and drag!


At the same time, the reduction in drag force that these bars produce efficiently reduces fuel consumption. How much fuel would you save exactly? Consider that in about one year of driving with the AeroBlade crossbars, one would save the equivalent of the upgrade cost from the basic Thule square bar (that’s over $115). Their efficient performance makes the new Aero Blade bars much more environmentally friendly, and friendlier on your wallet in the long term.


As previously mentioned, the new AeroBlade includes the same great features of the Rapid Aero bar like the integrated T – slot channel for easy mounting of accessories. Also like the previous generation crossbar, the AeroBlade is made of a solid, lightweight aluminium material that fully prevents rust. This means your rack will look like new even after years of consistent use.

AeroBlade load bars looking sleek and sporty




Though the AeroBlade is quiet and sleek, it also boasts one of the strongest constructions available. Thule’s new BoxBeamTM extruded aluminium profile is structurally engineered to support over 800lbf of downward force.

Sleek AeroBlade crossbars supporting a beautiful Thule Boxter cargo box




Thule’s new AeroBlade is a premium quality load bar that is strong, silent, weather-resistant, aerodynamic, fuel efficient, and stylish. These sleek and versatile crossbars are designed to be compatible with almost all rack accessories, including bike, ski, snowboard, canoe, kayak, and cargo carriers.




Come visit one of Rack Attack’s many locations to see the new AeroBlade on display today! Rack Attack’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with any of your rack needs.

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